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The Drink PINK! Project                        
Supporting UNC Lineberger and the Turn the Town Pink Campaign   

*UNC Women's Field Hockey visit today 10/08 was A GREAT DAY!!!  Picture of Mad and the Team is below...  the day was beautiful and everyone generous!  Thanks everybody!!!  Drink the PINK! Total to Date = $311.00
The Drink PINK! Project and Drink the PINK!


Our daughter Maddie came up with a great idea to participate in the month-long campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer by running a PINK! Lemonade Stand and donating the money to the "Tickled Pink Ladies".
It's easy to spot "Tickled Pink" ribbons around Chapel Hill; Car windows, restaurants, shop owners and others show their support by displaying the Pink Ribbon sticker in windows.  The "Tickled Pink Ladies" raise money and awareness for breast cancer to benefit UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. 
Prior to her current role as The Drink PINK! Project crew chief, Maddie made a little game out of spotting all the PInk Ribbon stickers around Chapel Hill.  Subsequently, she observed neighborhood kids operating a lemonade stand when her eyes lit up, the light went on, and her idea for Drink the PINK! was born.
The Drink the PINK! Project is funded by Maddie's family and friends.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to UNC Lineberger!!!

Can't make it to a Drink the PINK! stand?
Donate $10 

DONATE $10 using PayPal and receive the above picture of the PINK! Cupcake & Lemonade from 
The Drink PINK! Project.
Where can you find our lemonade &... hot beverages?

Maddie and her friends will be out and about in Chapel Hill working at the drink stands listed below! Due to the weather we'll also have something to warm you up!
***If you have a place available for the kids to operate please let us know.

Come see us and Drink the PINK!


10/08 UNC Woman's Field Hockey @ 11AM

10/09 Southern Seasons 11AM-6PM

10/22 Get REAL & HEAL 5K 9AM

10/22 Meadowmont BBQ 4-6PM
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